Bantuan Untuk Menggunakan Cbox

Quick Start
Click in the “name” box, and enter a screen name. Click on “message” and type your message.
Then hit Enter to post!
The following tags are supported:

[b] bold [/b]     [i] italics [/i]     [u] underline [/u]

Other simple tags following the above format are:

[sup], [sub], [s], [center], [big], [small], [scroll]

Use [br] to create line breaks. You can change text color:

[color=red] color [/color]

You can post links with: [url=http://address] website [/url]

To post an avatar image with your messages, first upload your chosen image to the web. You may use
an image hosting service or your own webspace. Then paste the URL of the image into the “email / url” box, and post your message.
Your IP address is logged when you post and is available to the administrator of this Cbox. For your
convenience, your name and selected URL will be stored in a “cookie” on your computer so that they are filled in
automatically when you return to this Cbox.
About Cbox
Cbox is an advanced web messaging / commenting / tagging widget with great features and
excellent reliability and speed. Get your own free Cbox here!



Perihal justdwijaya
Seorang blogger dari Jakarta yang ingin mencari teman dan peluang bisnis.

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